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Income Tax Preparation In NYC & NJ​

Our previous Referral Program was a big success!!! To show our appreciation in the coming tax season we will launch our new and improved program. Customers will receive $50 for EACH REFERRAL get CASH or FREE tax return!! Tax preparation in Bronx!

So what are you waiting for? Start spreading the word! FREE online tax preparation & filing in Bronx is here!!!

​(NB: Returns prep fee must be a $100 minimum that is Paid and Accepted by the IRS & State to qualify)

Income Tax Preparation in NJ & Bronx. Given COVID concerns and as the popularity of the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable tax filing is quickly becoming a necessity of life. In time, the IRS and States will make "e-File" the Law, and, not an option.  However, this requirement will also allow Clients to receive their Refunds in a more expedient and secure manner while having a "choice" in the various ways, to receive their money (Check, Direct Deposit & Debit Card), which EverGreen Tax Services can offer them.  "Fast Returns/Fair Pricing/Flat Fees" are a Win-Win combination. Plus FREE e-File with EverGreen Tax Services in Bronx.
Income Tax Preparation. We have office locations in Bronx, NY & Clifton, NJ. Celebrating our 15th year anniversary serving our clients & community!!

Our Mission is to help Clients achieve their tax objectives, tax preparation & tax filing by reducing their tax-liability as much as possible, and, thereby, receive the largest refund possible. Tax advice and planning are part of a professional, successful, and, mutually beneficial long-term relationship with a Client.

We offer financial services in accounting, bookkeeping and payroll (regular & certified).